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You've not been able to find the answer to your question? You want to share something with me directly? No problem. Feel free to get in touch with me. Whether you prefer snail mail, email or Instagram, do get in touch - I love reading every single word!

Please understand that although I do my best to answer everyone, it's not always possible - after all, I need to make sure that I have time to write new books, and I am often travelling on reading tours, signing books and participating in special bookstore promotions. Thank you for understanding!

Fan mail

Would you like to send me a letter? Then the best thing to do is to write to me via Fischer Verlag. Your post will be forwarded to me.

S. Fischer Verlag GmbH
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Press/Events/Reading tours

S. Fischer Verlag GmbH
Kerstin Seydler
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D-60596 Frankfurt am Main

Literaturagentur Petra Hermanns
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